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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions
Here are our most asked questions that will help you decide what to purchase and how?

1/ Can multiple awning be connected togeather?
Yes - Most of our canopies and be connected togeather to make the canopy as long as is required.
The canopies that can connect togeather are: Byron Awnings, Frazer 600, 1000 & 1200 Series, Hamilton Series, Stradbroke Series,  Hawthorn Series and the Coolum Series
Connecting Awnings 

2/ Can the awning be trimmed down to meet a specific size?
Yes - The width of our awnings can be trimmed down to size. Please review our instruction "video here". 

3/ Are the canopies easy to assemble?
Yes, our canopies are easy to install for any beginner handymen and woman all products come with assembly instructions. For information on how to assemble please visit our Installation page. "Click Here"

4/ How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs will vary depending on your location and how many canopies you purchase. To check your shipping cost please look for the "Shipping" button below each product. Click this link then insert your state, postcode and location. Your shipping cost will then be shown for that product. As shown below.
Shipping Costs 
For shipping costs for multiple canopies can be seen in the product screen as shown below. 

5/ Can I pick up from Canopy4u's warehouse?
Unfortunatley our warehouse is not open to the public. All orders must be delivered..

6/ Where is Canopy4u located?
Out head office is located just outside Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, and our warehouse facility is located in Brisbane Qld Australia. 

7/ Do you have a show room I can visit?
We are an online company only therfore we do not have a showroom.

8/ Does Canopy4u you install?
While we don’t install ourselves we can recommend a professional who does. For more information on how to assemble please visit our installation page. "Click Here"

9/ Does Canopy4u do onsite quotes?
No, we are an online company only. However, if you do require a quote from one or our recommend installers you can by visiting our Installation page. "Click Here"

10/ How do you seal polycarbonate awning against the wall?
The best way to seal the awning junction against the wall is to run a layer of “Roof and Gutter” silicon along the top of the canopy.

11/ Can you walk on polycarbonate sheets?
The short answer is No. While highly static and impact loads can be withstood by polycarbonate you cannot walk directly on polycarbonate covers. Doing so will void your warranty.

12/ How do you clean polycarbonate sheets?
In general dirt and dust can be cleaned with the hose. Moss can be removed from the surface of polycarbonate by gentle cleaning cloths and warm soapy water. Remember to rinse sheets well after using cleaning products. Please note it is recommended to keep Polycarbonate clean of dust at any time by using a hose to increase service life of polycarbonate.

13/ What is the life span of polycarbonate sheet?
Solid Premium sheets have a lifespan of 10 years or more, while Sunsheet polycarbonate sheets have a life span of 3 years or more. This covers our warranty but the industry standards for polycarbonate sheet products though their life is usually much longer. Actual performance does depend on environmental factors, but its fair to say 20 years or longer is common for polycarbonate awnings.

14/ Will the awnings with-stand wind?
This all depends on the surface the canopy is attached to. Canopies attached to brick & masonry will withstand 99% of storms, however for canopy usage within any cyclonic region we suggest installing the Byron series. Retractable awnings are not designed to with-stand strong winds.

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