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Window Awnings and Door Canopies - Search our huge range by click on the different designs below

When you buy one our Window Awnings or Door Canopies you are investing in your home, unit of commercial property. That's why our awnings and canopies are designed with durability, design and performance in mind. We offer 12 different designs so you can find the right Window Awning or Door Canopy for your home. For more infomation please view our awning instructions page to view our instructional videos

Window Awnings Designs

Hamilton Awnings

Noosa Window Awnings
Byron Awnings
Lindeman Window Awnings

Frazer 600 Awnings

Mandalay Door Canopy
Mandalay Canopies

 Heritage Canopy Design
The Heritage Canopies
Frazer 2000
Frazer 1000 Awnings

Door Canopy Designs

The Haymen Canopy

Stradbroke Awnings
Byron Door Canopy
Byron Door Canopy

Mandalay Canopies

Noosa Window Awnings

Bondi Canopy

Lindeman Canopies

Hawthorn Awnings 

Retractable Awning Designs

Retractable Awnings
Retractable Awnings

  Side Retractable Awnings
Side Retractable Awning

Window Awnings and Door Canopies - Luxurious Euro-Styles

When you buy one our Window Awnings or Door Canopies you are investing in your home, unit of commercial property. That's why our awmnings and canopies are designed with durability, design and performance in mind.

We offers 3 kinds of brackets for your window awnings or door canopies:
1. Engineered PVC which is UV stabilized for longer awning life and durabilty.
2. Stainless Steel for coastal awnings
3. Aluminum - lights weigh and looks great

Our awnings and canopies come with 4 different window & door covers:
1. CLEAR AWNING COVERS – A clear, strong , lightweight Polycarbonate Window Awning designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions
2. ALUMINUM COMPOSITE AWNING COVERS – A durable Aluminum Awnings which provides maximum shade and superior aesthetics
3. BRONZE TINTED AWNING COVERS – A tinted Awnings which blocks the direct sun but allows the light through.
4. CHARCOAL TINTED AWNING COVERS – A white Awning which blocks the direct sun and enhances the light reflection. UV Resistant Everyone knows what damage can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Our canopies are designed to prevent up to 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays, protecting your home and family. Chemical and Fire Resistant Our canopies are specially coated with a unique formula to protect them from abrasive cleaning chemicals and damaging elements of heat and fire. Impact Resistance Double Layer Composite Construction;

Our window awnings use a composite construction techniques to achieve the highest quality canopy around. are double coated with a PVC core, allowing for strength, durability, and versatility. Combined with layers of protective outdoor coating. Our door canopies are designed to look good, add value and preform well.

For more infomation please view our awning instructions page to view our instructional videos

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