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How to Measure a Retractable Awning


How to Measure

1. Measure the height of the wall where you want 
to install your awning. You'll need at least 2300mm 
from your deck or patio floor to the bottom of any
roof , eave or overhang to fit a retractable 

2. Measure how wide an awning you want? 
Measure along the side of your house to decide
the with of your new retractable awning. The 
maximum width is 5900mm. For longer 
awning you are able to have 2 retractable 
awnings side by side.

3. Make sure you have at least 200mm of 
unobstructed clear space horizontally along your
wall where the awning will be fitted. (Note: you 
will need 250mm of space if installing our 
optional Aluminum Hood with your awning.)



           4. Measure the distance that you would like the
               awning to project from the wall. The maximum
               projection is restricted by the width of the awning.


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